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The World of the Nabataeans

Volume 2 of the International Conference The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans held at the British Museum, 17–19 April 2001

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Ancient Landscapes of the Ghor es-Sāfī: Surveys and Excavations 1997–2009

ACOR Newsletter – Vol. 22.2 – Winter 2010

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Zoara, Khirbet Qazone und die Nabataer

The Conservation and Heritage Management of the Sanctuary of Lot at Dayr 'Ayn 'Abå†a

The discovery and excavation of the khirbet qazone cemetery and its significance relative to qumran

Ghawr AS-SAFI Survey and Excavations 2008-2009

Survey and excavations in Ghawr as-Sāfī continued during January-February 2008 and February-March 2009 in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies and the Universities of the Aegean and Adelaide. The project was jointly directed by Dr K. D. Politis, Professor A. Sampson and Dr M. O’Hea.

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Ancient Arabs, Jews and Greeks on the Shores of the Dead Sea

Rescue Excavations in the Navataean Cemetery at Khirbat Qazone 1996-1997

ADAJ 1998

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War Free World Heritage Listed Cities Newsletter n3

The Monastery of Aghios Lot at Deir 'Ain 'Abata in Jordan

Death at the Dead Sea

Eastern Turkey

Lot's Cave & Museum

Al Arab Al Yawm, Amman 9-1-2011

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Kathimerini Article


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Ependytis Article


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Safi museum, Al Rai newspaper

The Israeli attack on the convoy "Freedom Flotilla" strategic content Notes