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The Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies provides the following services:

Library specialising in the Near Eastern Studies, currently housed at 12 Haronda Street in Chalkis on Evia Island in Greece.

Archaeological project planning, consultation and specialised work including preparing pre and post excavation work, documentation, conservation, data analysis, publication, other archaeological research.

Museum exhibition design and set-up.

Tours(individual or groups) to various Near Eastern destinations.

Translation into and from: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek (Attic, Koine and modern), Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Hebrew (biblical and modern), Turkish (Ottoman and modern).

Conference organisation by experienced professional staff.

Lectures on a wide variety of Near Eastern topics.

Book reviews on various Near Eastern topics.

Country profiles on the modern politics, economies and cultures of various Near Eastern states custom-made on request.

Photographic archive of various Near Eastern places and themes available for study and commercial use.


The Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies
12 Haronda Street, Chalkis 34100, GREECE tel.: +30 6973784150, + 30 6972 49260

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