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Sanctuary of Lot

Sanctuary of LotThe Sanctuary of Lot at Deir ‘Ain ‘Abata in Jordan final excavation report was published by Jordan Distribution Agency in a association with the British Museum Press in 2012. Copies can be ordered via HSNES.
ISBN 978-9957-557-04-1, Jordan Distribution Agency, Amman, Jordan.

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ZoaraThe Greek Inscriptions from Ghor es-Safi (Byzantine Zoora). This important volume is the result of ten years of intensive studies on the newly discovered funerary inscriptions from ancient Zoara/Zoora at the southeastern shores of the Dead Sea in modern Jordan.
The book (ISBN: 960-7905-22-9) was formally launched at the Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens, Greece on 19 July 2005. Copies can be ordered via Diffusion de Bochard – 11, rue de Medicis, 75006 Paris, France or via HSNES.
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Holy Footsteps across the Jordan. A Journey to the Ancient and Religious Sites of the Jordan Rift Valley.

Holy Footsteps across Jordan - coverKonstantinos D. Politis.
ISBN 2868/2010, Tourism Business Company, Amman

The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans

The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans - cover The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans conference held at the British Museum, London in April 2001, was co-sponsored by the HSNES. Two separate volumes of the proceedings have now been edited by Nikos Kokkinos and Konstantinos Politis, the conference chairmen be published by Steiner Verlag. Copies can be ordered via HSNES.

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Other Publications

The World of the Neo-Hittite Kingdoms

(Trevor Bryce, Oxford University Press, 2012)

In the early 12th century, the Hittite empire collapsed during a series of upheavals which swept the Greek and Near Eastern worlds. In the subsequent Iron Age, numerous cities and states emerged in southeastern Anatolia and northern Syria. They are now generally called the 'Neo-Hittite kingdoms'. How and when did they develop? Why are they called 'Neo-Hittite'? What if any were their links with the Hittites of the collapsed empire, and with the biblical Hittites? What contacts did they have with the other states and kingdoms of the age, notably the Aramaean states and the Neo-Assyrian empire? These questions will provide starting-points for our investigation of the world of the Neo-Hittite kingdoms. They will take us well beyond the Neo-Hittites themselves to the broader Near Eastern world and the states which dominated it during the Iron Age.

The book can be ordered directly from Oxford University Press.

Arab Christianity in Jerusalem

by Dr Raouf Abujaber, published by Gilgamesh Publishing.

The history of the religious communities in Jerusalem is a long and tumultuous tale. Arab Christianity in Jerusalem is a vital record of that tumult, and a crucial document in resisting further turmoil ahead - a personal yet highly scholarly record.

Max Scott
Gilgamesh Publishing
Tel: 0044 7753745252

"Dr Abujaber's command of sources ranges from oral anecdotes of kinsmen...and even to excerpts he has chosen from (once unified) Jerusalem's Telephone Directories which directly attest to the occupational diversity and urban spread of Christian families throughout the space of today's tragically segmented Holy City."

- From the foreword by Fr. Cather Carney Gavin


Pdf File The World of the Nabataeans

Volume 2 of the International Conference The World of the Herods and the Nabataeans held at the British Museum, 17–19 April 2001

Pdf File Ancient Landscapes of the Ghor es-Sāfī: Surveys and Excavations 1997–2009

ACOR Newsletter - Vol. 22.2 - Winter 2010

Pdf File Zoara, Khirbet Qazone und die Nabataer

Pdf FileThe Conservation and Heritage Management of the Sanctuary of Lot at Dayr 'Ayn

Pdf File The discovery and excavation of the khirbet qazone cemetery and its significance relative to qumran

Pdf FileGhawr AS-SAFI Survey and Excavations 2008-2009

Survey and excavations in Ghawr as-Sāfī continued during January-February 2008 and February-March 2009 in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies and the Universities of the Aegean and Adelaide. The project was jointly directed by Dr K. D. Politis, Professor A. Sampson and Dr M. O'Hea.

Pdf FileAncient Arabs, Jews and Greeks on the Shores of the Dead Sea

Pdf File Rescue Excavations in the Navataean Cemetery at Khirbat Qazone 1996-1997

ADAJ 1998

Pdf File War Free World Heritage Listed Cities Newsletter n3

Pdf File The Monastery of Aghios Lot at Deir 'Ain 'Abata in Jordan

Pdf File Death at the Dead Sea

Pdf File Eastern Turkey

Pdf File The Conservation and Heritage Management of the Sanctuary of Lot at Dayr 'Ayn 'Abå†a

Pdf File Lot's Cave & Museum

Al Arab Al Yawm, Amman 9-1-2011

Pdf File Kathimerini Article


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Pdf File Safi museum, Al Rai newspaper

Pdf FileThe Israeli attack on the convoy "Freedom Flotilla" strategic content Notes



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