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Brief biographical note of Konstantinos D. Politis (DoB 18-11-58)

Photo of Konstantinos PolitisKonstantinos D. Politis is an archaeologist educated in Greece, the United States, Belgium and Britain. His early fieldwork was in Greece and Liechtenstein. From 1988 until 2011 he was based at the British Museum which were the principal sponsored of his excavations in Jordan and Oman. He specialises in the Early Byzantine and Early Islamic periods.

Dr Politis’ most important work was the discovery and subsequent excavation of the Sanctuary of Lot on the south-eastern shores of the Dead Sea, publishing a major report on that project with the British Museum (2012) and the more popular Holy Footprints across the Jordan. A Journey to the Ancient and Religious Sites on the Eastern Side of the Jordan Rift Valley (2010). He has also published a number of scholarly articles and edited the conference proceedings of the World of the Nabataeans (2007). As Senior American Center of Oriental Research Fellow (2010-11) he completed Archaeological Landscapes of the Ghor es-Safi: Results of the survey and field excavation seasons 1997 to 2009, to be published by the Palestine Exploration Fund (London). Next he will prepare Excavations of the Nabataean Cemetery at Khirbet Qazone for publication. He is founder and chairperson of the Hellenic Society for Near Eastern Studies and an active member of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

Dr Politis is currently conducting seminal research on ‘The Origins of the Sugar Industry’ funded by the European Union which will result in a comprehensive book, website and exhibition on that theme. He is also working with the Jordanian and Greek governments conserving and sheltering the mosaics and buildings of the Monastery of St Lot, and is Director of Interpretation and Design for the Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth at that site.

Recently, Dr Politis has completed two projects for the Syrian and Greek governments: co-ordinating a mosaic documentation of all the mosaics of Syria, and an exhibition on ‘Hellenistic Syria’ in the new Hama Museum. He also leads excavations of Zoara, modern Safi in Jordan, and at Ra’s al-Hadd in Oman.

Over the past 25 years, Dr Politis has presented many scholarly and popular lectures in Europe, Australia and North America. He regularly leads academic tour groups to Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Oman and Greece.

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